Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Kite Runner

What can I say...

I LOVED this book...

I can't even remember the last book that's actually made me cry!

I thought everything about this book was great. The story! The characters! The way it was written!

I loved the use of words and how he put them together to make wonderful descriptions and pictures.

I appreciate that they weren't big fancy or wordy words... Yet simply put, the words were so expressive and clear...

So beautiful.

I absolutely Loved Loved Loved Baba... It's when Baba died that I cried so much!

I just pictured this great tall rugged handsome man with so much character and personality!

I was so on edge when he stands up for that young mother when they're trying to get out of Afghanistan.

But I just pictured him so fearless, strong, tall and tough... With such great conviction and character!

He was by far my favorite of 'em!

But they were all great and it was all good and told soooooo well!

This was one that we all liked!

I'd recommend this book to anyone!

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