Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - Jamie Ford


This was a nice one.

And it reallly is a bittersweet story!

This one is for bookclub and I finished it in like 2 weeks!

I dunno if it's the short quick chapters, or that it really is a good story (or both) but I read through this one fast and I could not put it down!

Again, I feel like I'm surrounded by Identity Politics and roles within roles.

Henry was an American born Chinese boy.  At school he was the only Chinese boy in an all white school.  In his Chinatown neighborhood, he was an American schooled boy.  His parents wanted him to only speak English at home, though they only spoke Chinese. 

I really appreciate and relate to this aspect of the story (especially these days!).  I myself don't seem to have a 'box' that I fit in.

Anyway, the sweet friendship and love story between Henry and Keiko is charming and frustrating!

Frustrating in that it would be terrible to want so much to be with someone and know you can't.  I could not even imagine not being able to be married to El Hub because of our uncontrollable differences.

I have to admit, I didn't really know much about the Japanese Internment camps during World War II... It is incredibly sad that they were treated that way as they were Americans themselves!

Makes me think of post 9/11 and how there was a bit of a lash out towards Middle Easterners, even if they really weren't Middle Eastern but just had dark hair and dark skin... (again... something I've come across.).

Anyway, I really enjoyed this one and I'm most happy that I finished it early enough to allow me time to read a non-bookclub book, which I'll tell ya about next/when I'm done with it!  :)

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