Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marley & Me

This wasn't for bookclub (as one of us who shall remain nameless isn't an animal person... ahem...) but I'd been dying to read this since forever!!!

And since I finished Joy Luck Club early, I took my opportunity! :)

I LOVED this book!

Again, hubby was like, "how can some of those stories be for real?!?!"

(like Marley dragging a restaurant table across a lot...)

Regardless! Whether they're real or embellished or whatever, I loved the story!

I laughed... I cried... (no, seriously... I cried at the end).

I really enjoyed this author's writing style. Not too wordy, yet very expressive! Does that make sense?

Said a lot with very little and he's quite witty and funny!

Just a great story.

Now... I have not seen this movie (cause we never see movies) and from those I've spoken to who have seen it, it seems like I'm better off not seeing it!

But the book was great. I loved it!

I have to say, tho... I'd definitely think twice about getting a Lab Retriever. ;-)

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