Friday, January 29, 2010

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons - Lorna Landvik

I just finished this today!   YAY!!!

I know it seems like forever since we've had a bookclub meeting but with Christmas and New Years & all that, it's just been a busy time.

And this book is a thick one!!!   It took me this long to get through it!

I will say, when I first started this (um, let's see... in early December!) I couldn't seem to get into it.

I got through the Prologue and then just set it down.

Since hubby and I have been in New York for the past 3 weeks, I brought it with me (thinking, 'geez.. if I don't finish it here, then I dunno what...') and then I couldn't put it down!

I had not been in the mood to read and this put me back in the mood!

I wouldn't say this was a page-turner for me 'cause it's the best book or necessarily thought provoking.  I just found it to be a nice read.

I got into the characters.  I enjoyed a characteristic of each of them in different ways.

Does that makes sense? 

So, for example, I liked Faith in that I found her to be fairly real... (or maybe she's like me...?)  :)   She could be huffy and she had moments of jealousy.  She had resentment towards her hubby, who traveled (he was a pilot) while she stayed home to raise their twins.

She wasn't perfect.  And that's what I liked about her.

I liked Audrey's larger-than-life-ness.  Audrey's the gal you always want at your party 'cause you know the fun (and the boys) will follow.  :)

Anyway, I found things I liked in each of them.

I found it interesting (and I'm curious as to why) the author chose to give some characters their voice in first person (like Slip, Audrey and Grant) but spoke in 3rd person for others (like Merit and Keri).

And Faith's first person voice only came through her letter's to her 'mama'...

Not bad, or good... I'm just curious as to why.

Anyway, as usual, when you give quite a bit of your time to a book and spend time with characters, you get bummed that it's over.  Or at least I do.

I was sad that this book ended.  And I'm proud that I finished it!

For being a book about a bookclub, they never address if one of them never finished their book (ahem... like I tend to...)    :)

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