Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Help - Kathryn Stockett



What can I say?!  This was soooooo good that I finished it in just one week! 

I could not put this one down.  At all!!!

My house is a mess.  Kitchen is a disaster.  Laundry is not washed. 

I literally could not put this one down. 

I don't even know where to begin on how good it is or why it's so good.

This one was for bookclub and I have to admit, when it was first picked, I rolled my eyes and was like, "ugh..." 

I guess I thought it was gonna be another depressing bummer story (um, much like our last one).

It was far from it though!

While the general history in the story is sad, this story itself is very inspiring and hopeful.

It is amazing to think that this really was only about 40 years ago...  It's a bit scary.

More scary is the knowledge that this old thinking still goes on in some places.

Not to get off on a random tangent but, I was reading (my news source) over the weekend and there was a quick story about one of the members of Def Leppard that got married over the weekend (congrats to them!  I love Def Leppard!).  :)  With the article is a photo of the newlyweds.  They are an interracial couple.

Anyway, I was reading the comments at the bottom (as I like to do) and there were so many well wishers saying their congrats to the new couple.  So cute!  Then, all of a sudden, the comments turn ugly towards one person who's comment obviously did not sit well with all the other commenters.

Well naturally I need to see what this person said and sure enough, this one person had to write in their comment that "Marriage should only be between opposite sex and same race."  They also said that "inner racial marriage" is wrong.

(I just looked now to try and pull the exact comment up but they've taken them down.) 

Inner!  I'm not sure which is scarier.  The fact that this kind of thinking still does exist.  Or that our educational system is so bad (or this person really is such an idiot) that they think it's "inner racial" and not interracial.

The big long point is... that it was terrible thinking 40 years ago and it's terrible thinking now.

The terrible thinking being that there's no seeing beyond our own closed mindedness.  Terrible that there is injustice because of age or race or sex (or even religion, for that matter).

Where/when does it end?  I dunno. 

I've completely gotten off topic and onto some crazy tangent.  Sorry!

I'll stop here.  Read the book.  It's EXCELLENT!


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