Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Life in France - Julia Child


Totally totally adorable!

This wasn't for bookclub, but after seeing the movie and being so charmed by Julia Child as a person, I wanted to know more about her!

After seeing the movie Julie & Julia, I think Meryl Streep hit it head on as Julia!

I still think the movie would have been just fine had it been just about Julia Child and just with Meryl Streep (and Stanley Tucci - LOVE!)

Anyway, this book is great and it just really captures her essence and Full of Life-ness! (I know... not a real word...)

I think I'm particularly charmed by Julia's love story with Paul Child. She really conveys how much he supported her and just how much they loved each other.

The other thing I'm so charmed by is her love of France! Not just the food but the culture and the people... The environment! All of it!

She felt a connection with French culture that was specific to her. She understood it.

How nice... Good for her!

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