Monday, October 1, 2007

Three to get Deadly

I have to say, this one, by far, is my FAVORITE!!!

This book actually made me LOL!

I LOVED Lulu in this one... She was making me laugh so hard I was actually crying at one point!

The story itself was ok.

I did have a bit of hard time getting into the story with Uncle Mo and all that. It took me awhile to really get into it.

I still love Morelli and was happy that they came close to have their romance move forward. I do like that tease!

I liked that Stephanie was considered a bit of a suspect in this one. And that she was pepper sprayed! Not that I want her to be pepper sprayed. I actually felt really bad for her in that part and was scared for her!

But what I like is that it's not just the pretty funny girl getting the mystery solved while staying clean and pretty...

Things happen to her and they are scary! I think that's good! It's not predictable, at all!

So, far, this one has really stood out in my mind and made me laugh sooooooo much!

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