Sunday, November 21, 2010

Half Broke Horses - Jeannette Walls

Love!  Love!  Loved this book! 

Another great story from Jeannette Walls. 

This one was for Book Club and we all LOVED it!

I'm so glad we read The Glass Castle last year because it really helped set the scenery & characters for this story.

Jeannette's grandmother really was quite a woman and a character!

She was very strong and modern for her time.

Even if this story is embellished, it is a great tale of a different time and place!

Their life on the ranch is so fascinating to me just 'cause it's so different than what I know.  And I find it even more interesting that they found 'city life' so odd!

I'm really glad we read this book and I'd absolutely read it again.

I'd read more from Jeannette Walls!  Tell us more great stories!!!  :)

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