Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Order Dog - CT Wente

Ok...  Really quickly, I'll tell you my two big beefs with this book. 

1st, it took what seemed like FOREVER to finally get to the what and the why of what was going on.  I love a good suspense story but, come on!  Then get to it!

And 2nd, some use of words... There are ways to use words that make things and scenes become witty or funny or interesting.  And then there's words for the sake of words. 

And when describing the dinner date as, "as she sat there 'molesting' her food..."ugh... it just felt a bit forced.  Like trying too hard to be witty. That's all! 

Other than that, it was ok.  I can see that it's set itself up to be a series, but I'm not terribly motivated to follow the series.

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